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All practices for Friday of March 24th will be held at
Fay School25 Middle  in Southborough 
Friday 3/24


4/5th Grade Girls Orange- Coach Jordan
4/5th Grade Boys Blue- Coach  (Asum)
5th Grade Boys Orange- Coach Richey
8th Grade Boys Gold- Coach Mosley
Middle School Boys- Truax 
6th Grade Boys Orange- Coach Giegucz
7th Grade Boys Orange- Coach Asum
6th Grade Girls Elite- Coach Dawn
6th Grade Girls Orange- Coach Dawn
7th Grade Boys Mass Select- Coach St John
6th Grade Boys Elite- Coach Skaggs
8th Grade Boys Silver - Coach Giechucz
8th Grade Boys Orange- Coach Bergenholtz
9/10th Grade Girls- Coach Jordan
10th Grade Girls Select- Coach Sieurin
High school girls Select- Coach Sieurin
Middle School Girls - Coach Moore
8th Grade Mass Select- Coach Nutall/St John
9th Grade Boys Orange- Coach Nicholas
 9th Grade Boys Elite- Coach Pryor
11th Grade Mass Select- Coach Nicholas
11th Grade Boys Orange- Coach Jordan
10th Grade Boys Orange - Coach Orlando
10th Grade Boys Mass Select - Coach Richey