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Giegucz Highlight Productions
About my productions:
  • I create highlight films that best demonstrate a player’s tendencies for college coaches. 
  • All pricing is based on each highlight film. 
  • The customer must provide the game film and I will generate the video break down and produce the highlight clip.
Contact Info:
  • E-mail: coachgiegucz@gmail.com
About Me:
  • I am a former Division 1 Video Coordinator at Loyola Chicago.
  • During my time at Loyola, I oversaw the creation of scouting reports, breaking down team film, and making highlight tapes for all Loyola players. 
  • I am currently an Assistant Coach at Algonquin Regional High School in Northborough, MA.
  • Generating highlights from 1-3 games: $99
  • Each additional game after 3 is $33 per game
Samples of my Work: