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Practice Locations:
Algonquin Regional High School:
79 Bartlett Street, Northborough, MA
Turn left at the end of the driveway and follow the road around to the side of the building, the gym is located on the left side of the main building.
(see map at THIS LINK for exact location)
St. Mark's High School:
25 Marlboro Road, Southborough, MA
The gym is located in the athletic building at 41 Marlboro Road (see map at THIS LINK for exact location)
Tuesdays at St. Marks
BSS Middle School Girls – Coach Jordan
BSS 8th Grade Girls Select – Coach Dawn Sulmasy
BSS Middle School Boys Orange – Coach Nicholas
BSS 9th Grade Girls Orange- Coach Mosley
BSS 10th Grade Boys Orange – Coach Mosley
Mass Select 10th Grade Boys – Coach Nicholas
Wednesdays at Algonquin
BSS 11th Grade Boys Orange – Coach Geigucz
BSS JV Division Boys Blue – Coach Pinsonault
BSS 7th Grade Boys Orange – Coach Cremmins
BSS 4th/5th (Elementary) Grade Boys – Coaches Jordan/Pierre
BSS HS Girls Blue – Coach Sieurin
BSS HS Girls Select- Coach Sieurin/Clay
BSS 10th Grade Boys Blue ( Was Typo Orange/Now Blue) – Coach Cremmins
Mass Select 9th Grade Boys Blue – Coach Graham Asum
BSS 9th Grade Boys Orange – Coach Pinsonault
Mass Select 9th Grade Boys Gold – Coach St. John
Thursdays at St. Marks
BSS 8th Grade Boys Elite – Coach Parks
Mass Select 8th Grade Boys – Coach Skaggs
BSS 7th Grade Boys Elite – Coach Nicholas
BSS Varsity Girls Select – Coach Sieurin
Mass Select Varsity Boys – Coach Nicholas/Bauman
BSS HS Varsity Boys Orange – Coach Jordan
Friday at St Marks
Optional skill sessions for all players